Jordan Mitchell (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, July 2017)
Thesis: The Mapkey: Preliminary Design, Construction and Testing of a Novel UAV Platform for Cavity Surveying
Currently: Engineer, RockMass Technologies, Inc. (Kingston, ON)

Mirza Tahir Ahmed (Ph.D., electrical and computer engineering, May 2017, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Thesis: Registration of Noisy Point Clouds Using Virtual Interest Points
Currently: Researcher, Epson Canada (Markham, ON)


Glen Turner (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, September 2016)
Thesis: Towards Mapping of Rock Walls Using a UAV-Mounted 2D Laser Scanner in GPS Denied Environments
Currently: Engineer, Motion Metrics International Corp. (Vancouver, BC)

Marc Gallant (Ph.D., electrical and computer engineering, September 2016)
Thesis: The Estimation of Surface Orientations and its Applications in Vehicle Localization and Structural Geology
Currently: Mapping and Navigation Engineer, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (Ottawa, ON)

Brian Lynch (Postdoctoral Fellow, mining engineering, September 2013 to June 2016)
Currently: Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) and Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University (Ottawa, ON)

Lindsay Vanderbeck (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, April 2016)
Thesis: A Bayesian Approach to Convergence Detection in Underground Excavations Using LiDAR
Currently: Engineer (autonomous trucks), SMS Equipment, Inc. (Fort McMurray, AB)

Curtis Watson (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, April 2016)
Thesis: Towards Estimating Friction Factors of Mine Drifts from Low Density Point Clouds
Currently: Applications Specialist, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)

Edith Deretey (M.A.Sc., electrical and computer engineering, January 2016, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Thesis: Visual Positioning in Underground Mines and Indoor Environments using PnP
Currently: Systems Designer, Grantek Systems Integration (Burlington, ON)

Julian Simela (Ph.D., mining engineering, January 2016, co-supervised with Dr. Laeeque Daneshmend)
Thesis: Towards Automated Underground Mine Surveying: Integration of Mobile Mapping with Georeferenced Geometric Beacons


Lukas Dekker (Charles Allan Thompson USRA, 2015)
Currently: M.A.Sc. student (mechanical engineering), Queen’s University

James Procopio (Summer Research Associate, 2015)
Currently: Field Service Engineer, EIT at RST Instruments (Port Moody, BC)

Andrew Dobson (Ph.D., mining engineering, January 2015)
Thesis: Autonomous Loading of Fragmented Rock: Admittance Control for Robotic Digging
Currently: Applications Engineer, Clearpath Robotics (Kitchener, ON)


Carolyn Ingram (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, September 2014)
Thesis: Remote surveying of underground cavities excavated by jet boring
Currently: Major Projects Engineer, Cameco Corporation (Saskatoon, SK)

Jordan Mitchell (NSERC USRA, Summer 2014)
Currently: M.A.Sc. student (mining), Queen’s University

Jordan Marr (NSERC USRA, Summer 2014, co-supervised with Dr. Michael Greenspan)
Currently: M.A.Sc. candidate (robotics), University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace (Toronto, ON)


Vladimir Vukovic (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, September 2013)
Thesis: Reducing haul truck fuel consumption in open pit mines by strategic changes to the haulage cycle
Currently: Engineer, Shell Canada (Fort McMurray, AB)

Chris McKinnon (NSERC CREATE student, Summer 2013)
Currently: Ph.D. candidate (aerospace), University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Michal Pasternak (NSERC USRA, Summer 2013)
Currently: M.Sc. candidate (computer science), Queen’s University

Brett Owens (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, January 2013)
Thesis: Concept design and testing of a GPS-less systems for autonomous shovel-truck spotting
Currently: Applications Engineer, Neptec Technologies Corporation (Kanata, ON)


David Pike (M.A.Sc, electrical and computer engineering, September 2012, co-supervised with Dr. Sidney Givigi)
Thesis: Dynamic vehicle routing using local communications and sensing
Previously: Software Specialist, Neptec Technologies Corporation (Kanata, ON)
Currently: Engineer, Quanergy Systems, Inc. (Ottawa, ON)

Andrew Chapman (M.A.Sc., mining engineering, August 2012)
Thesis: A field study on haul time variability in open pit mines
Formerly: Production Systems Engineer, Mining Information Technology, Barrick Gold Corporation (Toronto, ON)
Currently: Technical Manager of Mining Solutions Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)

Chris McKinnon (NSERC USRA, Summer 2012)
Project: Identification of large objects in a muck pile as part of an autonomous dig planner
Currently: Ph.D. candidate (aerospace), University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)


David Haviland (NSERC USRA, Summer 2011)
Project: Underground ramp simulation and analysis
Currently: Rock Mechanics Engineer, Golder Associates (Burnaby, BC)

Marc Gallant (M.A.Sc., aerospace engineering, August 2011, co-supervised with Dr. Alex Ellery)
Thesis: A probabilistic approach to autonomous planetary science with prime and scout rovers
Formerly: Young Graduate Trainee, Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations Ground Systems Engineering Department, Research & Technology Management Office, ESA (Darmstadt, Germany)
Currently: Ph.D. candidate (ECE), Queen’s University (Kingston, ON)

Stefan Radacina Rusu (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, August 2011, co-supervised with Dr. John Hayes)
Thesis: Real-time localization in large-scale underground environments using RFID-based node maps
Currently: President and CEO, MineView Systems, Inc. (Ottawa, ON)


Jamie Lavigne (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, September 2010)
Thesis: A landmark-bounded method for mapping of large-scale underground drift networks
Formerly: Product Development Engineer, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)
Currently: Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services (Seattle, WA)

Alan Richards (Summer Research Associate, 2010, co-supervised with Dr. Sidney Givigi)
Project: Controlling and simulating teams of networked vehicles with degraded sensors and communications
Currently: Software Engineer, Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. (Richmond, BC)

Unal Artan (M.A.Sc., mechanical engineering, January 2010)
Thesis: Algorithms and experiments for globally consistent mapping of underground passageway environments
Formerly: Technical Staff, MDA Space Missions (Brampton, ON); Engineer, Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. (Montreal, QC)
Currently: President and CEO, Artech Technologies (Toronto, ON)

Before 2010

Dorian Tsai (Summer Research Associate, 2009)
Project: Periodic formations of multivehicle systems
Formerly: Visiting Researcher, CLARAty Lab, JPL (Pasadena, CA); Robotics Engineer, CSA (Saint-Hubert, QC)
Currently: Ph.D. candidate, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia

Mark Swartz (M.A.Sc., aerospace engineering, January 2009, co-supervised with Dr. Alex Ellery)
Thesis: Adaptive rover navigation in the presence of unmodelled slip
Currently: Modelling and Simulation Consultant, CAE (Ottawa, ON)

Jurriaan d’Engelbronner (Graduate Exchange Student from TU Delft, the Netherlands, Winter 2008)
Project: A semi-autonomous approach to vehicle guidance in unknown tunnel environments
Currently: Equipment Engineer, ASML (The Hague, Netherlands)